I was having trouble sleeping and was suffering from headaches. My friend suggested I go see Fran for a massage..I admit I was skeptical..  didn't think a massage could help me.  Ten minutes into the massage I felt  my tension just melt away and started to relax.  I even fell asleep during the session!  Fran is  a caring ,compassionate and knowledgeable therapist.  I have now made massage part  of my health regime and see Fran regularly! I am sleeping so much better and my headaches are few and far between! Thanks Fran... TerrieR


I am still a limp, happy, relaxed little noodle after my incredibly soothing 90 minute massage with Fran today at Suburban Soul Massage Therapy. If anyone is reading this page and wondering if they should check it out, GO! You won't be sorry, believe me. Fran's ability to take my aching back and relax the muscles that were so tense and bothersome was such a gift to me today. Fran is caring, knowledgeable, gentle, attentive, professional, and extremely capable with regard to the many different massage techniques at her disposal. Before she even laid a hand on me, she asked me many questions about my health so she could approach the massage with a holistic appreciation of my overall wellness goals. Then, when it was over, she wanted to know exactly how I was feeling, what techniques brought the most relief, and how she might have served me better, etc. She was so attentive and conscientious throughout the entire massage, constantly checking in on how I was feeling with regard to the amount of pressure she was using. On top of all that, I really enjoyed the ambiance of the space; the room was clean, pretty, and calming, with soothing music playing in the background. Parking was free and easy, the building was super easy to find, and her prices are reasonable and competitive. Thank you, Frannie! I will be back...  Donna A.

The Thai Compress Massage was AMAZING!!!!    It was so relaxing and helped me with my sore back. I never had this type of massage before,   It was the best massage on a cold day!  I'll be back for another. Thanks Fran!!!... Jess P

I've become a regular at Suburban Soul Massage since I started training for a marathon.I look forward to my massages with Fran.  She always can soothe my aching muscles and I always feel so much better after our sessions.  I don't know why I waited so long!!!  Tom S.